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Automatic equipment uncoiler punching rack

  • Material width :120mm

    Material Thickness :1.0mm

    Material I.D. : 1000mm

    Max O.D. :

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1. Horizontal uncoiler is a new type of discharging device specially developed for the high-speed stamping of thin-plate materials. It adopts the horizontal flat-plate discharging method, which is not limited by the inner diameter of the coil. It can stack multiple rolls of thin-sheet rolls at the same time. It fundamentally ensures the continuity of stamping production, the speed control mode of the inverter, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the discharging speed is fast and stable, and the operation is simple. It is an efficient material discharging and unwinding equipment for high-speed stamping of thin plates.
2. The inverter is used for stepless variable speed feeding, which is 0~30m per minute, and the speed can be adjusted freely.
3. The coiled material can be placed on top of each other to reduce the number of fillers and save the refueling time.
4, the operation is simple, only need to stack the material on the rack, adjust the height of the coil, choose clockwise or counterclockwise feeding to the punch press.
5. The structure is firm, the loading time is quite smooth, the friction coefficient of the feeding tray is small, the feeding speed of the unwinding is fast, and the high-speed punching machine can better exert its special strength.


Model RFU-1010
Stock Thickness(mm) MAx1.0
Stock Width(mm) MAx120
Max.Coil Weight(kg) MAx1000
Material height (mm) MAx500
Material I.D (mm) MAx1000
Motor (HP) 1
Feed Speed (m/min) 24
Feed Direction L←→R
Power 3 Phase 220V/380V/50HZ





RUIHUI founded in 2000, the technology of automation periphery is from Japan and Germany, and using high standards of principle in the parts selection, for assembly process and spare parts, adhere to the requirements in accordance with the original design standard, and into each manufacturing process.

Now, RUIHUI has 280 employees and annual output value can be 30 millions USD. In 20 years RUIHUI has accumulated experience and excellent design ability under Japanese engineers guidance. RUIHUI became highly responsible and strong in executive and well-known auto parts manufacturer. All of these allowed RUIHUI reach the top notch in  industry.

Why choose Ruihui's products?

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