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How to maintain the NC feeder

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The maintenance of the NC feeder mainly includes two aspects: daily maintenance and regular inspection:
In the first aspect, daily maintenance is mainly done in six aspects:

      1. The gear part of the NC feeder roller is coated with gear butter and supplemented with gear oil.
      2. Whether there is dirt between the rollers of the NC feeder and whether there are foreign objects between the gears.
      3. Whether the screws and nuts combined between the various mechanisms of the NC feeder are loose.
      4. Does the NC feeder feed roller have good parallelism?
      5. Whether there are abnormal phenomena such as damage and deformation in all parts of the NC feeder.
      6. Is the switch and display on the operation panel of the NC feeder abnormal?

Second aspect, regular inspection
    This check should be performed every six months or 1000 hours of NC feeder operation.
      1. Whether the external wiring of the NC feeder is deformed, damaged, leaked or short-circuited.
      2. The button of the operation panel of the NC feeder is connected to the contact point, and whether there is oil adhesion.
      3. The contact points of the relays in the NC feeder control panel are good.
      4. Does the NC servo system often accumulate dust and oil, and the ambient temperature is too high.
      5. The NC feeder has a cooling fan in the electric control box to protect the motor from overheating. There is a filter in the cooling fan to protect the fan from dust, but if the filter is blocked, the function of the cooling fan will be Failure, the temperature of the control box rises, causing damage to the transistor.

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