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Leveling machine operation adjustment method

时间:2019-07-16 15:19:47  来源:www.cn-ruihui.com  作者:RUIHUI
The leveling machine is divided into thick plate leveling machine, material straightening machine, precision leveling machine, precision thin plate leveling machine and super precision leveling machine due to the thickness of the leveling material. In fact, the operation adjustment of the leveling machine The method is the same, here is to explain the relatively difficult precision leveling machine.

First of all, we must understand the top and bottom arrangement of the leveling roller of the leveling machine. The drum arrangement of the precision leveling machine is up to 7 and 8 so that the arrangement of the rollers requires the material to enter the leveling machine, that is, the bending of the material is downward. Into the leveling machine, if the feed is reversed, the flattening of the upper drum can not damage the material's stress and can not level the material. The standard leveling machine drum arrangement is the upper row of rollers is singular, but there are also special requirements for stamping products. Feeding the customizing leveling machine, if the feeding of the upper feeding material cannot be leveled, it is necessary to determine the drum arrangement of the leveling machine, and the correct feeding method can be used to level the material and simply determine the material selection. The push-in type or the push-in type can be confirmed from the leveling machine discharge port. If the outermost drum of the discharge port is the lower drum, the upper feed type is selected, if the outermost drum of the discharge port is the upper drum , choose the feed-in type.

After confirming the above two points, we can enter the operation leveling machine. First, rotate the four leveling adjustment handles of the precision leveling machine up to the raw material, and then cut the raw material up to one meter long. Enter the leveling machine, and then tighten the four leveling adjustment handles downwards and pull the raw materials until the raw materials are difficult to pull. Adjust the four leveling adjustment handles to the same scale according to the dial indicator: The table must be accurate. If it is not accurate, pull the four sides of the raw materials, and confirm that the four rollers under the leveling adjustment handle of the leveling machine have pressed the raw materials, then turn on the power switch of the leveling electromechanical box, and adjust to manual control. Forward the raw material through the leveling machine, observe the change of the arc of the raw material. If the arc of the original material is opposite to that before the leveling, it means that the leveling pressure is too large, and the four leveling adjustment handles rotate too much downward, so it needs to be rotated upwards appropriately. If the arc is only getting larger, it means that the flattening pressure is too small, and the four leveling adjustment handles should continue to rotate downwards, so that the adjustment is repeated until the raw material reaches the flatness requirement. During this adjustment process, the operator must be careful and patient. For some material adjustments with high flatness requirements, it takes a long time to adjust repeatedly to meet the requirements.

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