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Great role for the oil machine

时间:2019-07-16 15:19:47  来源:www.cn-ruihui.com  作者:RUIHUI
Most customers, the stamping production line does not choose a double-sided oil feeder, and the two sides of the stamping material are oiled. It may be based on the idea of ​​cost saving. The self-made oil supply device has different methods. Some directly find a mineral water bottle. The bottom is cut open, the head insert tube is hung upside down to drop the oil on the material to be stamped, and some will clamp the material with the cloth, the tubing drops onto the cloth, and a little cloth is bundled on the feeding roller of the feeder. Oiling, in fact, this method is not beautiful and not saving, and it will cause more waste, and may affect the quality of the product.

Let's talk about some bad points of the homemade oil dispenser. First of all, it is not beautiful. It is not good to change the oil, and the oil is not evenly distributed. Secondly, the self-made oil seal is not good, and the oil bottle and the oil pipe mouth are easy to leak oil. The oil output is not well adjusted, and the oil will continue to drip when the press stops, resulting in oil on the press table, punch, feeder, and ground. Waste of oil also contaminates the equipment factory. If the cloth is bundled to the feeder roller The feeding roller will cause oil to slip, which will affect the feeding accuracy, make the product unqualified or damage the stamping die, and the fabric will be depilated and adhered to the stamping material, resulting in the surface of the finished product having wool or black spots, which will affect the quality. .

If you use the double-sided oil feeder, all the above disadvantages can be solved. The double-sided oil feeder body is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and durable. It is easy to install with a simple fixing seat. The special fine-tuning oil design can be used according to the size of the oil. The work needs to be adjusted, and there is a multi-oil recovery pipe. The oil drum has a filter device, and the recovered oil can be reused to achieve a fuel-saving effect. Made of high-density wool, it has strong abrasion resistance, good oil content, uniform oiling, and no lint. It is definitely worth the use of double oil.

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